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Mini Mayhem Meltdown #1

I hate my neighborhood gas station. Yet every now and then, I think, "Well, you just need this one small thing, and it's right here on the corner, so just do it." And every time, I leave said gas station ranting and raving under my breath how "I hate that freaking gas station and I'm NEVER. GOING. BACK." Then the cycle repeats.

What inspires such hatred of a gas station, you might ask? Well, there are lots of reasons - like when you pull up to a gas pump, get out, it won't take your credit card, so you get back in, drive to the next pump, and it won't take your credit card, and then.... see how that goes? Oh, and it's always when it's raining.

This week, however, in my desperation to have one thing - just ONE THING - be simple - I decided to just "give it one more chance." Pull up. "Wow - gas pump is workin'. Alright - I see you, gas station. We're in a new relationship. I might check the "maybe" box on the "will you go with me" note." Anything is possible, right?

I mean, things are going well. I'm going to go inside and get a cup of coffee because I need coffee, and I won't get coffee until at least 10:15 (yes, I know what time it will be, because I rely on coffee that much in the morning). I have my weekly PT appointment I have to endure (more on that in another post... you're going to want to read that)...... so I'm gonna go on in for some gas station coffee.

"Oh look at you gas station - you've got a fancy coffee station! MMMMMMKAYYYY. I see you!" Wait - why is everything covered in spilled cream and sugar sprinkles? And why are you out of cups at 8am? Like, does anyone see that? Literally why people come here at 8am. And, oh.... you have THOSE coffee lids. The ones that should actually be on a soda cup, because no human being would ever attempt to drink scalding hot coffee through a PERFORATED FLAP!

*insert deep breathing as man huffs by with sack of garbage and leers at me for being in his way*

OK. Let's not overreact, here, Karen. It's just coffee. Put the lid on. Pay for it. It will be fine.

IT. IS. NOT. FINE. What kind of fresh hell is this? Who can drink coffee through this???? Why are there TWO HOLES??? (Don't go there, you filthy beast!)

I'm going to let you GUESS what color my top was on this particular morning. Yep. You got it. CREAM. Reminiscent of the cream all over the cool coffee station, in fact.

Listen. Don't judge me. I know this is not major league stuff I'm dealing with here. Just wait until my post about my PT appointment. That's some "stuff" right there. And yet - can a crazy lady just drink some damn coffee on her way to her weekly torture session? Why, why gas station, is it so hard to have the "good lids?" The ones with the little spout? Sigh. Clearly, this "Karen" went on to PT and had her coffee at 10:15. I'm not going back in there. Until I do, because you know, eternal optimism and all that.

That concludes this ridiculous rant about one of many very minor, unimportant things that can send a 48 year old lady right on over that ledge, my friends. It doesn't take much.

Join me here each week to here my latest "donkey on a ledge" moment where you'll find more reasons to judge me, relate to me, laugh at me, or roll your eyes at me. All are welcome and understood.

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1 Comment

Sharlene Allnutt
Sharlene Allnutt
Apr 22, 2022

Bahahahaha!! You’re cracking me up. And so freaking true… damn lids, and half of them don’t stay on.

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