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Hormones, Midlife Madness and Mayhem - One Woman's Journey Through Her 40s

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Welcome to my world!

Hello, there, and welcome! I'm Stephanie Greene, a 48 year old wife, mother of two kiddos, bonus mom to two kiddos, and a pet mom to two dogs and a cat. I'm also a healthcare professional with a more than full-time job that keeps the stress levels high, the self-care low, and the bourbon consumption considerate. (All things in moderation and all that jazz).

Doesn't really sound like mayhem to you?

Well, here's the piece you're overlooking. I said I'm 48. That means I've been in my forties for - you got it - 8 years. I've heard women talk about how great the 40s are. I'm going to respectfully disagree. I think the 40s have been some of the most difficult and challenging of my life both physically and mentally. Frankly, the 40s kind of suck so far. My theory is I'm not alone in that thinking, and because of that, I want to offer my perspective in hopes it will resonate with someone else who wants to join me in talking about this suck-fest. I want to normalize the mental health challenges I've experienced, the evil nature of hormones and perimenopause, the immense pressure to always be "doing," the pressure to succeed, the pressure to raise your kids not to be sociopaths, and all that while cooking a roast, making someone's doctor's appointment (NOT your own, by the way), and cleaning the toilet. No big deal.

Still not convinced?

Well, you're lucky. Or you're in denial. Or you just don't belong on this blog. No hard feelings.

If, on the other hand, this sounds even remotely like something with which you can relate, stick around. Read stories about hormonal rage, urine leakage, and being an overextended working mom who is trying to find peace for the remaining years she has left. Welcome to my mayhem!

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